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Let's Eat > Santa Fe Importers, Inc, Long Beach California

Long Shorman, Truck Drivers, Bus Mechanics all eat at Santa Fe Importers, you will like this palce.

Our cold sandwiches are made from only premium quality lunch meats and cheeses (including our own Cotto Salami and Mortadella, made in-house). We slice fresh daily for our cold-cut sandwiches, and serve them on a freshly baked roll. Served with your choice of mustard, Italian herb dressing, onions, lettuce, and tomato. Small sandwiches served on a 7-inch roll. Large on a 10-inch roll.
Ham & Cheese
Extra lean imported Ham and Swiss Cheese

Salami & Cheese
Wine-Cured Italian Dry Salami and imported Swiss Cheese

Salami & Cheese
Wine-Cured Italian Dry Salami and Swiss Cheese

Imported Swiss Cheese or Provolone

Extra-lean Turkey Breast and Imported Swiss

Roast Beef
Lean Roast Beef and Imported Swiss

Homemade Tuna Salad with Relish, Onions, Celery, and Mayonnaise

Extra-lean Imported Ham, Swiss, and Wine-Cured Italian Dry Salami

(Imported Ham, Italian Dry Salami, Cotto Salami & Swiss Cheese )

Santa Fe Importers, Inc. 1401 Santa Fe Ave. • Long Beach, CA • Tel: (562) 437-7775 • Fax: (562) 435-1045