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Ohio Firefighter Bikes for Burn Survivors

Updated: 05-09-2007 10:19:15 AM

Story by thebostonchannel.com

Phoenix Society

Ohio Firefighter Mike Manning is on a cross-country trek to raise money for burn survivors.


A charity bike ride kicked off in Boston on Tuesday. One firefighter who grew up in Quincy, Mass., is on a cross-country trek to raise money for burn survivors.

NewsCenter 5's Liz Brunner reported Monday that all the money raised will benefit The Phoenix Society.

"This story is not about me riding a bike. I am doing it because this is what my heart is telling me to do," said Mike Manning, a Germantown, Ohio firefighter.

With only a backpack, a helmet and his bike, Manning is crossing the country for charity. He is riding more than 3,000 miles, by himself, from Boston to San Jose, Calif., to raise awareness for burn survivors.

"This is about the iron will of burn survivors to get every day," Manning said.

Manning kicked off his ride at the Shriner's Hospital for Children in Boston. Burn survivors were at the send off.

Burn survivor and executive director of The Phoenix Society. Amy Acton explained why she is proud of Manning.

"It's giving hope to burn survivors against the country and raising the awareness of the wonderful people who take care of us in the hospital, and the fire service that is an amazing support for us," Acton said.

Manning said the ride is symbolic of the journey a burn survivor goes through.

"Burn survivors are always going against the wind from the moment they're burned," he said.

Some young burn victims showed support for Manning by signing his bike.

"It is their will and their inspiration that is driving this bike and driving me," he said.

Firefighters across the country are on his side. Boston firefighters helped kick off the ride. From here on, Manning will stay at fire stations across the country. He will also stop at burn centers along the way. Along the way, he will encouraging you to give back.

"Pennies turn into dimes, dimes into dollars and that's why we are here," Manning said.

Story by thebostonchannel.com