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Alpine Community > Bamberger Bullet 127 at Orange Empire Railway Museum

Bamberger "Bullet" Interurban 127- Orange Empire Railway Museum has an offer to provide $6,000 in matching funds towards our acquisition of a set of GE 247A traction motors from Australia. As noted in a previous report, they're 40 hp 600 volt motors, and are as close as we'll ever come to the 50 hp motors that the car originally had. They're in good shape and will represent the final "big piece" still missing for this car. The motors will show up still installed in a set of M&MTB No. 15 trucks. Minus the motors, these trucks will make a nice set of shop trucks. Also included in the deal is a CP-27 air compressor. It needs work, but it's of the correct three pin mount style that we need from the car. We have CP-27 compressors already at Perris, but they are the cradle mount type.

The cost of the trucks and compressor delivered to the Port of Los Angeles will be $22,000. We already have $10,000 in the 127 fund, and the towards the project. That means your gift will count twice, and we need only raise $6,000 and we'll have the $22,000 we need for the motors. Our thanks to the Foundation, and please consider a gift to move this project along,
Orange Empire Railway Museum. P.O. Box 548, Perris , CA 92572-0548 Located at 2201 South "A' Street, Perris California 951-943-3020 e-mail is oerm@juno.com
A California Not for profit,

John Smatlak