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Amboy is purchased by a new investor!

Albert Okura, the founder of the restaurant chain Juan Pollo. From an article by Jim Steinberg and the San Bernardino Sun on April 12, 2005: The founder of the Juan Pollo restaurant chain has purchased historic Amboy, once a familiar stop for travelers along Route 66. Albert Okura said he'll focus on preservation and, eventually, restoration. "I don't see us making money there,' he said. And there will never be a Juan Pollo restaurant there, he said, because his chain wasn't around in Amboy's heyday in the 1950s. One of the first tasks Okura faces is restoring water to the town. Later, he will renovate restrooms and reopen the gas station and its adjacent convenience mart. "It's going to be hot up there soon, and people are going to need something to drink,' Okura said, adding that he plans to sell gasoline for virtually what it costs to bring it in. "I don't want people to think I'm trying to gouge them and get angry,' Okura said. "Amboy is the centerpiece of the East Mojave. That is where the Twentynine Palms cutoff intersects the old Route 66,' Lundy said. "International visitors are the ones most passionate about Route 66. They love to discover Amboy because they have heard so much about it.'