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The United States Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) is a world-class shooting team. If you show them a target, you can be sure they will hit it. They are all U.S. Army Soldiers, and they are the best of the best.
Since 1956, these Soldiers have gained worldwide respect by winning hundreds of individual and team competitions, including 40 World Championships and 20 Olympic medals.
Shooting is their specialty, but competing is not their only skill. USAMU Soldiers assist in technical development of military small arms equipment and ammunition. They have the knowledge and they share it. They hold Train-the-Trainer clinics where they pass on this knowledge. They translate their competitive marksmanship skills into useful combat marksmanship.
The USAMU's expertise isn't only in hitting the target, members have their own Custom Firearms Shop, made up of gunsmiths, machinists, range technicians and ammunition loaders. Here top-quality competitive-grade rifles and pistols are built from the ground up. Their research and development efforts have led not only to enhanced accuracy and reliability on the competition field, but also on the battlefield.